Hello Kitty Family

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty herself

A very sweet and energetic little lady, Kitty loves to play outside, in the forest or park. You can also find her enjoying herself with procticing the piano or in the kitchen with mom baking a cake.



He has a very entertaining sence of humor and really enjoyes to make his family laugh. George is employed at a trading company. Although George may have his faults, he is a very trustworthy man who is hardworking.



Kitty's mama is one of the most kind hearted and careing person there is. She loves to cook and clean up the house. Her apple pie is Hello Kitty's favorite food.


Twin Sister

She is one of the kindest and most loving sister Kitty could ever hope for. They spend alot of time together because they are best friends.


Kitty's Grandpa

He loves to paint and happends to be quite good. He can tell great long stories. He also know alot of neat details.


Kitty's Grandma

Being is her rocking chair doing her embroidery is what she likes to do the most. She also happends to be a excellent pudding maker.

Hello Kitty Friends

Hello Kitty DanielDaniel

Hello Kitty's Boyfriend

He has been Kitty's friend since childhood best friends. His father is a photographer sent to work in Africa. After traveling around he ended up back in England and reuinited with Hello Kitty. He is a very good dancer.

Hello Kitty CharmmyCharmmy

Hello Kitty's Pet

She is a white persian cat. Kitty's father gave it to her as a gift. She is very well behaved and loves sparkly objects to play with. She wears a laced-lined ribbon on her left ear and her necklace is the key to Kitty's jewelry box.

Hello Kitty CathyCathy

She is a very sweet and kind hearted rabbit. She cares for others feelings more than her own and is one of Kitty's favorite friends.

Hello Kitty TippyTippy

He is a very strong and kindhearted bear, who always helps other with whatever they need. He has always had a crush on Kitty and hopes to one day be her boyfriend.


He is Hello Kitty's best friend, who is very fast and loves to run track. He has a very funny sense of humor, that has made him very popular at school. His girlfriend is just as fun.

Joey's Girl Friend

She is very energetic and loves spending time with her boyfriend Joey.


She is a very smart dog who loves to read and study. She is known to be a little bit of a bookworm. She dreams of becoming a reasearcher.


She is one crazy racoon who is always getting into trouble. His mischief is always harmless and brings good laughter and joy to everyone around. He is a good friend.

Tiny Chum

He has been friends with Hello Kitty and Mimi for a very long time. This big bear is always there to keep you company. He is treated like family.


He is a fun loving squirrel who loves in the forest. He met Hello Kitty when she was gathering flowers. He taught Kitty the secrets of the forest and lovest to jump around on the branches.


He is a very shy seal who lives in Hello Kitty's backyard. You will find him in his small pond enjoying the sun.


She is a very busy student. She is always running around doing something. She is always talking about doing things or is doing something, she doesn't know when to stop.


He is a very entertaining monkey who doesn't like to leave Tammy's side.


She is a very friendly and loving monkey who enjoyes spending her time with Tim. Together they are the funniest monkey all around school.